These days, awesome ebike battery packs constructed of quality 18650 cells are available to average bike builders thanks to  advances in 18650 DIY pack building  methods and vendors such as Luna Cycle who have begun offering quality affordable packs to kit buyers for the first time.

The battery pack is probably the most expensive component of your ebike, so its best you understand what you are paying for before making a big battery or ebike purchase.

But if you are a newbie, selecting a battery for your new ebike build can be an overwhelming endeavor with all these weird numbers to consider. This guide will attempt to make it easier. Consider Volts, Amps, Amp hours (Ah), and finally Watt hours (Wh) when picking your battery. This article will break them all down. With some simple math you can keep yourself from being ripped off when making a purchase from some slick snake-oil selling ebike vendor. Never have the need to ask how fast or how far it will go again. By using some simple math, you will have an accurate idea of the expected range and power expectancy of any pack.


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