Recently the cargotrike i built for Brams Pannenkoeken has left my workshop. Delivered as a cascotrike because Brams is a real handyman and will build in the rest himself. As usual with the bafang midmotor, discbrakes, suspension, etc. I slightly changed the ackerman steering for better cornering based on research from Luc Adriaenssen, an architect from Belgium who made an amazing animation and spreadsheet of how the ackerman works. It turns out that you can never have an ideal ackerman steering. You can get close for o-22 degrees wheelturning for instance but on sharper corners it will start to deviate.

So you have to choose if you want it right for sharp corners or for wide corners.

When the cargotrike is finished you will still see the frame on the outside. This will break up the big volume so it will not look as massive.